Our Facility

Synergy Centre is the home of several dental and healthcare professionals. It is designed to improve access to dental and medical treatment and also to provide patients with a better experience. The 9,000 sq. ft building has two levels, each with a centralized waiting room. The lower level has also a 60 person meeting room.

The main floor welcomes the patients in an open waiting area with a main greeting reception. We tried to create a relaxing atmosphere by the use of high ceilings, large windows and a feature wall with tiles that gently fly into the space above. Although the waiting room has 3 wide LCD screen and a complimentary wireless hotspot, a children wooden train is the main attraction for kids of all ages. We aim to reduce the waiting time for our patients. We value your time as much as we value ours.

A centralized phone and computer system makes possible for our patients to dial one phone number to reach one of our receptionists and efficiently book appointments with any healthcare provider in the building.

The medical area offers 5 patient exam rooms, fully operational, with a large baby/procedure room. All the charts are in an electronic format ensuring fast and secure transfer of the information among the healthcare providers and easy access of information.

The dental area has both open areas and a closed room for complete privacy. The dental units are designed to provide the patient and the operator with maximum confront and accessibility. Each room has an overhead TV/DVD so if you are in for a longer procedure you can bring your own DVD to watch or choose one of the TV programs available. Headsets are provided.

There are separate private consult rooms where the medical history is reviewed and the treatment plan is presented and financial arrangements are done. All payments are done at the business area away from the waiting room for increased privacy.

The massage therapy is located at the main level in three separate rooms. We made sure that all was done so that our patients can enjoy their massage in a relaxing, soothing atmosphere.