Cosmetic Smile Solutions

Smile Solutions for Your Unique Healthcare Needs: 

Cosmetic Dentistry improves and enhances your smile and its overall appearance. Recent advances in dentistry have patients seeking out cosmetic options in order to obtain a beautiful smile quickly and effectively.

Studies show that a beautiful smile gives the perception that the individual is more attractive, more intelligent and more successful. Modern cosmetic dentistry can be life changing. Smile solutions are available that improve quality of life and self-confidence.  

Excellence & Elegance with a gentle touch is our goal in caring for you. 


Sometimes the easiest solution is the right one. Invisalign provides you the opportunity to straighten your teeth with clear, comfortable, custom-made aligners. By straightening your teeth, you may eliminate, dark triangles, voids, & crowding.  

You may reduce darker areas between your teeth and cheeks. You will improve your bite, causing less strain, fracturing and chipping to your natural teeth. Sometimes the only care required in order to improve ones smile is treatment of Invisalign with Dr Octavian Tetelbaum & his team. Invisalign can also be utilized as a first step towards achieving the smile you have always wanted. Complimentary Consults Offered. Call Today!

Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers can be your opportunity to let your smile radiate excellence. Veneers are thin, porcelain, custom-made and bonded to the front surface of your anterior teeth (usually the teeth that show when you smile).

This solution can improve the shape, colour and size of your teeth. Veneers can create more or less width, and add length to improve appearance or occlusion (bite) specific to your needs. We may suggest gum re-contouring in order to improve your final results. Close gaps between teeth, reduce dark triangles and choose a brighter, whiter shade to rejuvenate your smile to its youthful potential.

Dental Veneers offer an opportunity to improve your smile drastically within 3 weeks. Ask us to review all your smile solution options with you.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays & Onlays are an alternative to your basic restorative filling. Inlays & Onlays are fabricated similar to a crown and are bonded into the tooth in one piece. This option can restore strength to a tooth that has been compromised by decay, wear, fractures or old fillings.

Margins between the tooth and the restoration are smooth and virtually undetectable. Unlike basic white composite restorations, Inlays & Onlays do not stain. They are stronger and last longer under the conditions we subject our teeth to. Cosmetically speaking, they are more pleasing to look at than your basic restoration.  

Why choose an Inlay over a basic restoration. Strength, saves more natural tooth structure and appearance. Only your dental care team will know that it is there.  

Why choose an Onlay over a basic restoration. Strength – Once multiple surfaces have been affected due to decay, damage etc., a basic composite restoration is usually not strong enough to endure the forces required within the mouth.  Onlays can last longer and are more cosmetically pleasing due being virtually undetectable and smooth to the touch. 

Same Day Crowns

When it is recommended that your tooth requires a crown it usually means the tooth is fractured, has been endodontically treated (root canal), has a failing large filling, or a cavity has damaged much of the upper tooth surfaces. 

We recognize our patients are very busy. We have the technology to prepare your tooth, take required images and fabricate your crown in the very same appointment. No waiting or having to return for multiple visits for treatment of one tooth. This is very convenient and time effective for your very busy lifestyle and commitments.


Single Implants to Replace Individual Teeth

It happens. Even with todays modern dental treatments and skill excellence, adults loose teeth. Other than our wisdom teeth, each tooth has a purpose and function. An individuals bite relies on each tooth being in proper place with the mouth. 

When one looses a tooth, other teeth can move and shift, tilt and tip into the gap now present. This alters the bite and chewing function. Failure to have a good bite or alter your bite by missing a tooth can lead to many unwanted symptoms. Headaches, neck pain, and incorrect wearing of other teeth are only a few symptoms as a result of a bite effected by a missing tooth.

Implant Bridge to Replace Multiple Teeth

Implants are a way to replace one or multiple teeth in each area or arch of your mouth.  The titanium post integrates with your natural bone allowing for strength and the addition of a crown on top.  Implants, in the right environment are more than 98% effective.

There are other alternatives to replace missing teeth. Bridges, dentures for example, however it is best you discuss with our dentist what is the best option for your health care needs.

Full Mouth Rejuvenation

A beautiful smile must also be in proper function.  We want your new smile to last.  In order to do so we do need to assess your bite, your teeth and know your overall expectations.  

If you have had any or suffer from some or all of the following: 

  • large basic restorations,  
  • multiple severe wear facets, 
  • chipped or fractured teeth, 
  • an ill bite, 
  • crowded or missing teeth, 
  • a history of headaches, 
  • neck pain, 
  • TMJ concerns    

We may need to consider full mouth rejuvenation/reconstruction for your overall health .  

Full mouth rejuvenation / reconstruction is when we assess and treat your entire dentitions health requirements rather than only the needs of one tooth. To have a beautiful smile with poor function serves up only concerns rather than life time, healthy smile strategies.  

When full mouth care is the course of treatment, it does allow more latitude when selecting shape, size, shade and arrangement of your new healthy grin. Remember, you are the decision maker. Our team will simply guide you through your options and care for you in the best way you allow.  We are here for you. 

How to begin

If you do not currently have a dentist we strongly recommend you call and book your initial comprehensive exam. We will do a complete assessment of all your oral health care needs. Followed up by a consultation to review all your options and care recommended.  

If you have a concern or discomfort that you wish addressed immediately, we can complete an assessment of only that area. Followed up by  care that will temporary or permanently resolve your concern. Simple problems or procedures can be cared for in the same appointment.  

If you simply have further questions on the above information, or wish to meet with our dental team in order to determine we are the right fit for your dental needs, please book a complimentary consultation.

In all suggestions above, please bring with you all your questions including advantages and disadvantages of any of the care we provide or suggest. Do not hesitate to ask about costs or financial investment options for your care required. We want to assist you in achieving the smile you want and deserve.